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The clocks have gone back an hour, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night are distant memories, and it’s dark by 5.00 pm. Welcome to winter.

As challenging as it is to put away your shorts and flipflops, winter can be a period to slow down and schedule in some valuable time to relax and recharge your batteries.

With the cost of energy hitting the headlines on a daily basis, closing the curtains as soon as it gets dark will help to maintain the warmth in your home. Create your own haven by burning scented candles – spicy aromas such as cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger are all warming smells. Our own Senses range of soy wax candles all contain essential oils designed to calm the mind too. For a warming winter aroma, try our Harmony candle.

Keep your eyes peeled for special offers on soft fleeces and throws. Snuggling down with a good book or a boxset, and a mug of hot chocolate is made so much better when there’s a fleecy throw to keep you snuggly.

Cooler temperatures can have an effect on our bodies. Some people have a tendency to ‘hunch up’ to keep warm – which can result in stiff, aching joints around the back and shoulders. As tempting as it may be to relax in a hot bath, the lobster look won’t do your skin any favours. Instead, lie back in a warm bath with some of those warming essential oils and a few tealights placed around the bath. Liberally apply moisturiser after your bath to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Winter food can play havoc with your waistline. Out go the salads and in come the comfort food dishes and party food. This can make us feel sluggish, so try and build in a few walks with the family or dog (or both!). Wrapping up warm and embracing the elements will help to clear any brain fog and sluggish cobwebs – and think how lovely it will feel when you get home to your cosy casa.

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that skincare goes out the window. Always remember to use a moisturiser with a built-in SPF. The sun’s rays can still cause damage, even on the cloudiest of days.

Look after your hands too. During the winter months the skin on our hands can become dry and cracked so a good hand cream should always be by your side.

Before you know it, it’ll be March again and we’ll be putting those clocks forward by an hour to welcome BST. But in the meantime, let winter be your friend. Do things at your own pace and embrace the spirit of the Scandinavians!

Happy hygge.

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