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You may have noticed that we’ve all gone CBD-crazy at Tonic Day Spa now that we’re stocking products by OTO CBD and have introduced a gorgeous CBD massage to our range of treatments.

We never introduce new products on a whim. We always test the products ourselves before adding them to our retail space, whether it’s skincare, shower buffers or something completely different like the CBD range. After several of the Tonic team trialling the OTO range, the positive feedback was more than enough to convince us to launch the products at Tonic Day Spa.

We all underwent our OTO CBD training – both for the massage and the products – which means we’re all equipped to advise you about the range and how it may help you.

Since launching the CBD massages at the beginning of May, the feedback has been astounding. You’ve all genuinely blown us away with your high praise and positive feedback for the treatment and the OTO products, although we’re still getting asked some questions about how it works and is it legal.

If you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll explain all ….

Firstly, let’s clear up the elephant in the room. OTO CBD products are 100% legal! They are made from pure CBD isolate, which is legal in the UK. The illegal element, THC, is NOT present in the OTO product range. THC is the chemical that gives users a ‘high.’ Therapeutic CBD will not get you high, nor will it get you arrested!

We all have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies. It’s a biological system that helps to regulate and balance key bodily functions, such as sleep, pain management, appetite, and focus. CBD products work in harmony with your endocannabinoid system, and can help to calm you down, reduce stress, relieve pain, and treat some physical health problems.

If you come into Tonic for an OTO massage, your therapist will ask you to smell three OTO oils. Whichever oil you choose will indicate what your body needs the most:

  • Focus – a rejuvenating massage
  • Amplify – a re-energising massage
  • Balance – a deep-relaxation massage

Each massage has a different soundtrack to relax the mind as you enjoy your treatment. We won’t spoil the surprise, but one of the three also uses natural bamboo to get deeper into the muscles (but don’t worry – your therapist can alter the pressure if required).

We’ve also had amazing feedback for the OTO products, particularly the OTO Sleep range. The Sleep Drops, taken around 30 minutes before bedtime, are applied under the tongue to promote a good night’s sleep. Some of our clients use them in conjunction with the Pillow Mist and have reported astounding results, experiencing a deeper sleep and greater focus during the day as a result.

Hand on heart, we can honestly say that the OTO CBD range is the best thing we’ve introduced at Tonic Day Spa for a very long time.

If you’ve not yet experienced the power of this magical plant extract and would like to find out more, get in touch with us via our Facebook Page or pop in and speak to one of the team.

It could be the best decision you ever make!

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