Hydramemory Depuff Eye Cream





Fresh, lightweight moisturizing cream to relieve tired eyes marked by puffiness and dark circles .CONSCIOUS SKIN SCIENCE™ formula, production and packaging with 94.2% ingredients of natural origin. Formula without silicones, paraffin wax, animal derivatives, artificial colours, ethoxylates and EDTA

Suitable for all skins, especially young skin, in all weather conditions. Ideal for those who spend long hours at the computer, during and after flights, for contact lens wearers, and during times of particular fatigue due to reduced sleeping hours.




Experience a much-needed relief from tired, puffy eyes with our Hydramemory Depuff Eye Cream for dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. A thin, fast-absorbing formula, it moisturizes, protects and refreshes the eye area for a bright, rested look. Caffeine and a biomimetic peptide specifically target puffiness and dark circles, prickly pear extract and betaine support skin barrier function by counteracting dehydration.


Refreshing anti-fatigue effectiveness

Fragrance free


PRICKLY PEARL EXTRACT: This active ingredient protects the skin from water loss and promotes its recovery after dehydration.

ACETYL TETRAPEPTIDE-5: multifunctional peptide that comprehensively acts on the mechanisms that cause the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Pure CAFFEINE: its lipolytic and microcirculation-activating action counteracts swelling and bags under the eyes caused by fat accumulation and water retention



Gently press to release a small amount of Hydramemory Depuff Eye Cream onto fingertip gently dab on the eye area, including the eyelids. Apply morning and evening. Renew the application throughout the day if necessary.

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