Remedy Toner






Spray toner with soothing, fortifying and refreshing action. With natural-origin Prebiotic, it is recommended for skins which are sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness.




Remedy Spray Toner – with a soothing and fortifying action, this cooling mist provides instant hydration for your skin. Recommended for skin that is sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness. Easy to use, as with just a simple press you receive a spritz of minute particles that provide an immediate sensation of relief.

For skin that is sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness. Ideal during sun exposure or during the day in closed environments subject to central heating and air conditioning, to provide relief, rehydrate and protect the skin.


Fragrance, alcohol and silicone-free.

Spray ideal for repeated application throughout the day.

Recommended for sensitive skin prone to redness.


After cleansing, or throughout the day, spray the Remedy Toner directly onto face and neck, or on cotton pads. Leave to evaporate naturally. Do not spray directly into the eyes.-


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