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This may come as a shock to some of you reading this, but …. wait for it …. men have skin, nails, aches and pains, and unwanted body hair too! There, we’ve said it. It’s out there.

At Tonic Day Spa we have a large male client-base who regularly book in for massages, facials, waxing and manicures. With this in mind, we thought we’d give you an insight into the world of male grooming and self-care, to dispel those beliefs that we’re an escape haven for the ladies. Maybe your partner, hubby or son would like to experience a little slice of Tonic too ….


Structurally, a man’s skin is around 25% thicker than that of a woman and also tends to have a tougher texture. All of this is due to the hormone testosterone. Post-puberty, men also produce a greater amount of sebum than women, which explains why men tend to suffer longer-term with conditions such as acne, and oily skin.

The good news for men is that they generally have a higher collagen density than women, but on the downside, they don’t tend to take as much care in the sun which can add years to a man’s complexion.

All of our facials at Tonic Day Spa are just as suitable for male skin as they are for female faces. A consultation with one of our skin experts will help to decide what treatments are needed and the frequency, as well as recommending products for use at home.

Long-term conditions such as acne can benefit from a course of LED treatments, with the light therapy encouraging new skin growth and reducing scarring.

A facial to rehydrate the skin is also a great gift for the man who works or hobbies outside. The elements can do wonderful things for wellbeing but not so for the skin – particularly in the cold winter months.

It’s estimated that the male skincare market is worth £41 billion globally. So no, facials and skincare products aren’t just for the ladies.

Our full skincare menu can be found here.

Massage Therapy

It’s widely accepted that men don’t tend to open up about their feelings as much as women. Rightly or wrongly, many men bottle up feelings of stress and anxiety.

Massage therapy lowers the heart rate and relieves muscle tension – a natural way to reduce stress. Furthermore, with the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, there’s usually an improvement in sleep patterns following a massage.

During a massage endorphins are released, known as the ‘happy hormones,’ resulting in a lift in mood and a reduction in pain and stress.

And then there’s the sporty fellas. For those who regularly practice sport, or are in training for an event, massage therapy can help to ease muscle soreness, prevent injury, and maintain muscular flexibility.

Find out more about our range of massage treatments.


The male waxing market is bigger than ever, largely believed to be down to the toned, buff manbods strutting their stuff on Instagram.

Whatever the cause behind the manscaping revolution, we offer male waxing from an eyebrow shape to a chest and back wax. We have different types of wax which will be matched to the clients’ skin type.

Wise up to waxing.

Nail Care

Men are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of good nail care for the hands. Regular manicures can help to reduce the signs of ageing and relieve stress as the manicurist massages your hands and lower arms.

Footcare is an area that men could improve on. A pedicure isn’t necessarily about having your toes painted blush pink: it’s also about foot hygiene and wellbeing. Toenails will

be clipped and shaped, the hard-to-reach areas underneath the toes will be thoroughly cleaned, dead skin will be buffed away and moisturised, leaving the feet feeling smooth and refreshed.

Nail your nailcare!

If you’re stuck for a gift idea for the man in your life, why not book him in for our men’s Time To Unwind package. Priced at just £99, this two and a half hour treatment consists of a body brush, a full body deep tissue massage, a sports facial and an eyebrow shape and nail tidy to finish.

01543 450799 to book.

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