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Cellulite can also be known as orange peel due to its dimpled appearance

If you are one of the 80-90% of women (or 10% of men) who have cellulite, the summer holidays could be your greatest source of dread, the thought of putting on a swimsuit and showing your body to the world.  But hold on!  Let’s have a look at what cellulite is, what causes it, how it can be prevented, and treatments that can lessen the appearance of that orange peel skin around your thighs, butt and tummy.

But first, let’s bust 3 cellulite myths.

Myth 1 – Cellulite is caused by toxins.

False.  It is, in fact, caused by underlying fat deposits pushing through the layers of collagen fibres, the connective tissue under the skin.

Myth 2 – You’re more likely to get cellulite if you’re out of shape or overweight.

False.   Bodies of all shapes and sizes can get cellulite.  There are many factors that can weaken our connective tissues including hormonal, lack of exercise/poor muscle tone, smoking, poor circulation and stress.

Myth 3 – A suntan will make your cellulite disappear.

False.  UV rays damage your skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin network, making cellulite more visible.


Cellulite and it’s Causes

Cellulite is a layer of fat deposited beneath our skin. When the fat cells become more compact, circulation slows down and connective tissue which surrounds the fat cells weakens. This can give our skin a dimpled look, almost like the texture of an orange peel.

Cellulite can be attributed to:

  • genetic factors
  • sitting or standing for too long
  • incorrect diet
  • cigarette smoking
  • pregnancy
  • stress


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

  • Reducing the amount of carbs and fat in your diet, as well as increasing fibre, could help reduce cellulite.
  • An exercise regime made up of aerobic and resistance exercises will improve the muscle tone and appearance of your skin – swimming is an excellent all-round activity.
  • Keeping hydrated will prevent the skin from drying out, so keep that water bottle by your side throughout the day.
  • Quit smoking!  Smoking reduces blood vessel flow and disrupts the formation of collagen.

Let’s get back to those pre-holiday jitters we opened with.  What can you do now to help reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Obviously, it’s never too late to change your diet and take up exercise but here at Tonic Day Spa we can also offer a [Comfort Zone] Thermogenic Attack Cellulite Treatment.  Taken as a course of treatments, and with the additional home care products to speed up results, the treatment uses Fucus Algae – a form of seaweed – and is designed to reshape and sculpt troublesome areas of cellulite.  The thermogenic action improves microcirculation and promotes remodelling of the body.

As for the sun’s UVA rays damaging the skin, maybe it’s time to get a healthy all-over glow with a spray tan. Just think of the time you’ll save ……

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