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Not everybody is blessed with perfect skin.  Imperfections such as acne, blemishes, scars, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage can have a massive effect on a persons’ confidence, to the extent where their everyday life can become a daily struggle.

There are numerous treatments available with claims of repairing or improving skin damage, one of which is the chemical skin peel.   During a peel, chemical solutions will be applied to the area being treated, which causes the skin to exfoliate and eventually peel off. Once this happens, the new skin underneath is often smoother, appears less wrinkled, and may have less damage.

Skin peels are available in varying strengths, and not all peels will result in visible skin shedding, which makes an idea treatment prior to an event or special occasion as it leaves the skin looking fresh and illuminated.

Like almost all beauty treatments, there are a myriad of myths around what the procedure entails and how effective it can be, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide of what to expect – and put some of those myths to bed at the same time.

Myth 1 – Your skin will peel off

The facts:  a chemical peel will exfoliate the top layers of skin, removing dead cells to leave your skin looking illuminated, therefore reducing the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, age spots, clogged pores and wrinkles.

Myth 2 – It’ll Hurt!

The facts:  with modern products, such as the Image Skincare range available at Tonic Day Spa, you won’t feel pain.  You may feel a slight tingling and tightening and a slight change in temperature during the procedure, but it’s not painful.

Myth 3 – They damage your skin

The facts:  immediately after your treatment, you may experience redness, dryness, a slight swelling, stinging and burning.  All of these are temporary and recovery time tends to take four to seven days.   It may take a course of treatments, depending on the individual and their skin.  Aftercare at home is also imperative to aid the healing process and growth of new collagen to support healthy new skin.

Take a look at this short video of what to expect when you have a chemical skin peel.

Prior to undergoing the chemical skin peel procedure, your Tonic Day Spa consultant will go through an extensive consultation of what you want to achieve, why you feel you need the peel and also explain how many sessions you may need.  We have a range of Image Skincare peels which suit different skin types and the problem being addressed, from wrinkles to acne.

If you have any questions about chemical skin peels, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will do all we can to help you on the path to better skin.

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