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Adding 10 minutes to your morning routine may seem challenging. However, if your goal is to remodel your body and get in shape before bikini season, those extra minutes might be worth it.

But what is it? Dry brushing is the simple and quick step of massaging your body with a ‘dry’ brush before applying your body cream and getting dressed for the day.

While it may seem like a rough gesture at first, dry brushing is actually an act of love and care for the body: it provides an incredible burst of energy, improves the deep and superficial circulation, re-oxygenates and detoxifies, renews the tissues and promotes circulation and remodelling. The origin of dry brushing is debated, but it certainly has ancient roots: testimonies are found both in ancient Greece and Asia, particularly in Japan where it has always been appreciated as an exfoliation and self-massage ritual. Although with some differences, the technicalities of use have some key common traits: first of all, it is fundamental to choose a brush with rough bristles in order to exert a mechanical scrubbing action which favours the detachment of the stratum corneum and cell turnover.

Ideal as a self-massage, dry brushing involves slow and circular movements moving from the bottom upwards with firm pressure that stimulates the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, responsible for eliminating the toxins present in our body. Especially with summer in view, dry brushing is the best self-treatment to rejuvenate the skin, reshape and restore vitality and radiance to the body after months spent under layers of clothes. If you are used to showering in the morning, do this mini-routine 5 to 10 minutes before stepping into the shower!

Dry brushing: the benefits

Toned and silky skin – one of the main benefits of dry brushing is the possibility to obtain a deep and constant exfoliation. The daily, or frequent, removal of dead cells with the rough bristles is the first obvious result of the massage. This is essential for the elasticity and silkiness of the skin, which also helps it breath and eliminate toxins. In addition, if done in preparation for sun exposure, it will guarantee a longer tan.

Circulation, tone and metabolism – brushing our body, starting from the feet and moving slowly towards the heart, promotes optimal blood circulation, with the result of a more perfused, oxygenated and hence hydrated skin. Better circulation also ensures a beneficial activation of the metabolism which is essential in remodelling and anti-cellulite programs. Finally, a boost of energy for the body and mind increases the overall mood and helps us to face the day with energy and positivity. For this reason, the practice of dry brushing should be inserted into the morning routine, to avoid activating energy before sleeping.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system and detox action – the lymphatic system is a very important part of our immune system. It is composed of organs, lymph nodes and capillaries that transport lymph to every part of our body. Several capillaries radiate under our skin and the dry brushing technique stimulates optimal functionality, guaranteeing the elimination of waste for a better detoxifying action.

Dry brushing: the method

It takes 5 to 10 minutes every day, as a habit before showering, to see – and feel – various benefits. Consistency is key to this practice: a daily commitment, or at least every two to three days, to ensure visible benefits. Finally, get yourself a brush with hard and rough bristles, which are not too aggressive on your skin and comfortable for everyday use.

The dry brushing step by step:

In the morning, before entering the shower, massage the brush gently on your skin.

1) Start from the feet, massage both back and front, then go up along the legs with wide and fluid movements. Apply a comfortable and moderate pressure.

2) After massaging the legs, carry on to the buttocks and back, moving towards the front of the body with circular movements.

3) Proceed with a massage on the arms, starting from the hands and moving towards the shoulders. A slight reddening of the skin is possible, a normal consequence due to the stimulation of circulation: it is a visual signal that our body is reacting and energizing.

4) After massaging the limbs, moderate the pressure exerted with the brush and treat the area of​​the bust. Massage the part of the breasts with delicacy, to avoid excessive stress on this particularly sensitive part of the body. Conduct circular movements down until you reach your stomach.

5) Once the whole-body massage is complete, proceed with a shower and your daily routine.

Quick, easy and effective; dry brushing is an act of daily love towards oneself, able to change one’s mood in just a few minutes, revitalize us and give a remarkable burst of energy! Consistence use ensures a feeling of lightness and brighter skin, and it optimizes the effectiveness of nourishing, anti-cellulite and toning products.

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