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At Tonic Day Spa we are delighted that all Aesthetics treatments we provide are carried out by Dr Sara Ramond-Stokes.

With over 14 year’s experience and Harley Street trained in aesthetics, Dr Sara strives to deliver the best in anti-ageing and facial sculpting offering revolutionary treatments where once surgical procedures were used.

A consultation is required to determine individual needs, offering you a tailor-made treatment plan.


We offer a range of fillers including: Juvéderm© Belotero© and Teosyal©
All other areas
Areas treated: lips, cheeks, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, chest, back of hands and scars.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Bocouture© and Botox©
One area
Two area
Three area
Areas treated: frown lines, forehead, crows feet (eye lines), lower face and neck treatment as part of a non-surgical facelift and subtle lip enhancement.

Combination packages available for Byonik, ExCeed Microneedling, Dermaplaning and Protégé Elite.

Please ask for details.

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