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Face & Body tan enhancing cream.



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Sun Soul Tan Maximizer-Ideal to prepare the skin to sun exposure and reach a more intense and prolonged tan. This fresh and non-greasy formula, suitable for face and body, combines ACETYL TYROSINE, to enhance melanin synthesis, and a DNA-DEFENSE peptide to protect skin from photoaging.
The result is a more intense, even and long-lasting tan.

Conscious formula with 94,6% natural origin ingredients.


Tan enhancing cream suitable for all skin types.
Recommended both for those who want a more intense and faster tan and for fair phototypes who need to prepare their skin for sun exposure.
Can be used in conjunction with sunscreen and after sun products.



Apply Sun Soul Tan Maximizer to the face and body a few days before sun exposure and during exposure in combination with an appropriate sun protection factor or after-sun cream to prolong the effect. For a more intense action, we recommend starting to use the product 10 days before sun exposure.


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