Including Back Massage 80 minutes £55
Including Full Body Massage 2¼ hours £89

This luxury treatment begins with a back or full body exfoliation using warm Himalayan Salt Stones, to warm the body and remove dead skin cells. Unwind with a Tranquillity massage using warmed specially blended oils, applied with soft brushes.  Complete your Tranquillity Sublime Therapy with a Sublime Skin facial, customised to your skin specific needs.


50 minutes £45

The scent of specially blended aromatherapy oils fill the room, tranquil music is played to lower the heart rate and de-stress the mind.  Soft brushes are dipped into warm oil before slowly applying the oil to the body, relax and enjoy your Tranquillity Pro Sleep massage.

This innovative body therapy leads to an extreme state of relaxation,  working the muscular, nerve and emotional levels. Stimulating 3 sensorial pathways; smell – using a special blend of aromatic oils, tactile – touch and rhythm, and finally hearing -using specific sounds to induce deep rest, balance and regenerate the mind.


70 minutes £52

This extraordinary ancient ritual starts with warm Himalayan Salt Stones, used to heat the body and start the exfoliation process.  The treatment then proceeds with an exhilarating pink Himalayan salt scrub using nourishing aromatic oils to exfoliate dulling dead skin cells.  Relax whilst cocooned in a muslin wrap while the salts detoxify, ease aches and pains, stimulate metabolism and restore vitality and balance.  Complete your therapy with a full body moisturise, relaxing back and scalp massage alleviating tension, stress and anxiety.

Add an express facial to your treatment for a top to toe experience


40 minutes £45

Concerned about cellulite?  This incredible results-driven therapy is designed to reshape and sculpt troublesome areas of cellulite.  Using Fucus Algae, with thermogenic action, specifically for resistant cellulite imperfections, this treatment improves microcirculation and promotes remodelling of the body.  Best results come when taken as a course of treatments.  Please ask for details.

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