Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Sleep.  Chances are you’re not getting enough.  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  With the stresses and strains of everyday life, early mornings and late nights are becoming the norm but how does this full-on lifestyle and can-do attitude affect us on a day to day basis?  Let’s have a look at some sleepy facts […]

No Babies. No Barking. No Barking Babies ….. Baby!

We are absolutely blessed here at Tonic Day Spa to have clients of all ages, male and female.  We like to think that once inside our day spa, you can switch off from the outside world, relax and enjoy your treatment – whether it’s the nail bar banter or a longer, more in-depth experience with […]

It’s Not Just About The Fuzz

Dermaplaning is the top “BUZZ WORD” in the Beauty Industry at the moment, with it’s huge celebrity following and amazing results it’s clear to see why.So I’m sure you’ve all heard of Dermaplaning or at least seen some random pictures which resemble someone having their face shaved, but if you’re still in the “wait? what […]

Here’s To A Cellulite-Busting Summer

If you are one of the 80-90% of women (or 10% of men) who have cellulite, the summer holidays could be your greatest source of dread, the thought of putting on a swimsuit and showing your body to the world. But hold on! Let’s have a look at what cellulite is, what causes it, how […]