jon edwardsOn the 24th of December 1994 Jonathan qualified as a Remedial Massage Therapist from one of the best colleagues in the country, The Northern Institute of Massage.

The next day he learnt from his father that his Granddad had also qualified from the same college but due to his ill health had never practised. Therapy is certainly in his blood.

Now, 20 years later, having treated internationally known celebrities, sportsmen and Olympians and multimillionaires Jonathan realises that his job is simple; it’s about getting normal people back into their normal routines, routine interrupted by pain and discomfort.

Jonathan’s philosophy is find out what is causing that symptom and put it right, that way it is not just the symptom that will go away but the real underlying problem.

Known as ‘The Back Cracker’ Jonathan feels the name suitably describes his job. Cracking backs helps people as they leave feeling better and that’s good enough for him.

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