Marie – Clairaudient on specialist treatments

Photo of Marie Chaney

I am a Clairaudient who, through Tarot, makes contact with spirit. I have over twenty five years experience, previously reading for clients in my own home and theirs.

I come from a long line of “show people”, with a history of circus entertainers dating back to 17th Century (I have researched my family tree!) In the late 19th century, my great, great grandfather was a lion tamer and a sword swallower! The ability to communicate with spirit was passed to my by my great aunt.

I am a practicing White Witch, but work alone (known as a Hedgerow Witch).

By day, I am an English teacher in a secondary school.

I am currently learning how to read a crystal ball – so watch this space.

I am a firm believing in the power of The Universe and all it has to offer us.

Blessed be.

The art of divination using the Major and Minor arcana. I use Tarot to help me communicate with spirit.

Angel cards:
We use Angel cards to connect to the Angels – to ask for guidance, reassurance or sometimes just for peace of mind.

Pendulum and Rod Dowsing:
A way of connecting to the Universe to find answers or solutions.


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